Working At Sportsbet: A Day In The Life Of Our Tech Team 

Sportsbet offers the kind of environment that makes you want to come to work. It’s not just about freebies and parties and company discounts (though these are plentiful!) or our generous leave allowances and flexible working policies. What makes the difference for our teams is an inherent company culture that manages to strike that balance we’re all looking for: inspiring work with exciting, cutting–edge technologies, alongside a lot of fun and a great work–life balance. 

The people at Sportsbet are a talented, curious, fun and passionate group. We always say we want our employees to enjoy themselves at work, and while keeping things light–hearted and celebrating milestones and moments that matter is part of that, it’s just as important that everyone feels valued for their contributions – which we make sure of. 

Our tech team is a great example of the friendly, hard–working company spirit we’re proud of. We wanted to hear more about what’s so good about daily life at Sportsbet straight from the horse’s mouths (so to speak), so we asked some of our techies to share their thoughts. Here’s what they had to say! 


Ashlyn Lewis - UX Design Manager at Sportsbet 

I'm currently wearing a very comfortable pair of Sportsbet socks, but those aside, I can think of a lot of other perks to working here! For one, I really enjoy how Sportsbet brings people together – lots of parties and celebrations to catch up with our colleagues. The crowd here really gets around Daryl Braithwaite's Horses! I also really value that we take our work seriously but still make space to have fun. During the pandemic, my partner commented how often he heard me laughing in Zoom meetings.  

Sportsbet has the kind of culture where it's okay to give it a go and not always hit the mark, and people will give you a high five for trying something new. This encouragement to give it a crack has had a huge impact on my own development and professional growth; it’s great working somewhere that values rewarding you for hard work.  

Recently I got to take the lead on a four week rapid design process to generate some new ideas for products. It was great to have the opportunity to bring people with different skills together in a workshop, and then bring our ideas to life in prototype form and share them across Sportsbet. 


Alex McArthur - Lead Engineer at Sportsbet 

Sportsbet is a very flexible company that supports and encourages taking time off – as an avid traveller, that means a lot to me! I also love our amazing team culture, where the people feel like they're making a difference every day by learning new tech and driving new architectural changes and outcomes. We all back each other, promote openness, and we always have time for a bit of banter along the way.  

There is always new tech being brought into my work. With the rise of event–driven architecture, Kafka and other event–driven solutions have been adopted heavily by Sportsbet. Data reliability and the scalability of Kafka is essential to creating great customer experiences on days like Melbourne Cup, where scalability plays a critical role in our company's success.  

I love that what I’m doing at Sportbet is bringing excitement to life for customers, not only by ensuring their every interaction with us is fast and seamless, but also by enabling a unique tailored experience for everyone.  


James Woolley - Technology Delivery Manager at Sportsbet 

What I love most about my team is that we put our culture front and centre, built upon a foundation of core values like trust, collaboration, support, diversity of thought and autonomy to solve problems. Laughter and smiles are just as important, too – we make sure we enjoy ourselves. 

I don’t even know where to start when I talk about great projects we’ve worked on as there have been so many, but my top pick would have to be contributing to the first cut of the Same Game Multi initiative. The continued popularity and longevity of the solution makes it a standout for me.  

Now, especially considering the current disposition of the world, we’re going to continue to add sparks of excitement to our customers’ lives where we can, whether it be through innovative on–platform customer experiences or amusing marketing campaigns, advertisements, or social content. I think any sort of comic relief right now, even momentary, is pretty welcome.  


Krutarth Majithiya - React Platform Engineer 

Working at Sportsbet is a huge win for work–life balance. The general culture here is something I cherish. The people are very flexible, open–minded and inclusive, and the technology team leaders are all very approachable. We work hard on exciting and challenging projects, are celebrated with sensational parties and appreciation from our leaders, and have great flexible WFH policies. I’m also given ample room for innovative thinking through things like our regular Tech Hack Days. 

The main part of my work is to ensure that all the criteria of safer gambling is met while creating state–of–the–art technological solutions for our front–end offerings. I have worked on many exciting projects but if I had to choose a favourite, it would be the Customer Experience Platform. It involved many new technologies I’d never used before and the best part was connecting with and learning from colleagues. I vastly improved my knowledge of technologies like React, React Native and AWS Cloud Platform.  


Luke Lynch - Senior User Experience Designer at Sportsbet 

Hard work is always recognised and celebrated at Sportsbet, but the perks here are not limited to parties and celebrations. We’re given discounts on things like gym memberships, gifts, great leave allowances and flexible working policies, and more. In addition, Sportsbet is focused on giving back to the community and I've been able to attend a number of charity functions. I even spent a day making and packaging food for less fortunate people. 

Day to day, there's a real focus on team culture within the design team. Coming to work is fun for us. We regularly organise activities to break up the day, and get togethers outside the office – there’s always something to look forward to. We have a really good balance between work and fun.   

The work itself is very interesting from a design perspective, too. A couple of years ago, the business made the decision to re–platform our iOS app, desktop and mobile website using a shared codebase. This was a huge project for the entire technology team, and as a designer, it was very exciting to be involved.  


Irwan Tjanterik - Head of Delivery, Core Data Applications 

Sportsbet really supports their staff with benefits that aren’t just material. There is a very flexible work culture, five weeks annual leave, one of the best parental leave policies I have seen, covering things like foster leave and IVF leave, as well as a new cultural leave swap initiative.   

Sportsbet also gives us volunteer leave and matches our charity donations, as well as providing practical support to charities. I couldn't be prouder to work with a company who is so committed to looking after its employees, as well as giving back to communities.   

I also love working here because I have one of the most fun teams! We work hard, we have fun and support each other, we are ambitious and we are always hungry for success. And yes, we party hard too! 

I have been very lucky to be part of Sportsbet's Data Platform. We are currently working on a new Data Modernisation program to deliver a brand new AWS cloud data platform. It’s a very exciting project. We’re building a new DataLakeHouse AWS platform based on EMR, Spark, Databrick engine, combined with Airflow, python, glue and Redshift. The new DataLakeHouse platform will embrace hybrid Data Vault Architecture to support near real–time data processing, while also enabling us with flexibility to support future business model changes.  


Leigh-Anne Sharland - Technical Product Owner - Data Platforms 

Over the two decades I have been with Sportsbet and its subsidiary companies, I have had amazing opportunities to explore different technologies and delivery approaches. My favorite projects are those that empower others to do their work with finesse & ease. Implementing Data warehouse solutions, Data marts and Self Service Reporting applications like Qlikview & PowerBI, are both challenging and uplifting, as these kinds of projects impact the quality of many peoples’ output and experience.  

My team has a phenomenal culture of 'We've Got Your Back'. Everyone is available to support, teach and motivate each other to produce exceptional outcomes. All team members also willingly take their turns on our out-of-hours support roster - no-one ever has to feel alone here. 


Taruna Kalra - Data Engineer  

 ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ and ‘Customer First and Last’ are two values I see strongly demonstrated on my Data Platforms team at all times. We are diverse both geographically and in terms of skill set, and everyone adds their own exciting, distinct value. We all learn and grow together and everybody is always willing to share knowledge via monthly sessions and events, like our Tech Hack Day, Tech Check-ins, Data Digest etc.  

I’ve worked on some great projects here. A couple of standouts are firstly, the Amplifying Self Service Reporting for our stakeholders and executives which taught me programming languages like Python, and how to use the reporting tools like Power BI. I also worked on a data platforms initiative for CDW data modernisation, driving us to an AWS tech stack (Azure databricks, Pyspark etc.).  

We are given goodies and memberships and other perks, but for me, the best thing about working here is actually just the fact I get to work for such a well-renowned brand.  

Niall Keating - General Manager - Technology, Data Platforms and Applications  

The people and our general culture is my favourite part of Sportsbet. The company on the whole supports the flexibility I need for my family. I can make sure I am always there for my wife and three boys in the moments that matter, whether that is school drop off in the morning or training the kids’ footy team in the afternoon. Within our technology team we continually challenge each other. We’re proud of how we get stuff done and we always have each other’s and our customers’ backs.  

In relation to the work itself, I would say that as someone who loves live sport, my favourite project has been utilising a machine learning model in real time to drive our customer experience through the Sportsbet Popular Now ribbon.