Life at Sportsbet

From the moment you join you'll see that fun is at the heart of the way we work. We're constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging ourselves and those around us. 

The success of Sportsbet is down to our people – our collective talent and ambition brings excitement to life for our customers and makes this an amazing place to be your best.  

We care about our People and our community. Work-life integration is part of our DNA. Health and well-being is a number one priority … whether it is physical, emotional, or financial health. 

We bring people on board because we think that they’re awesome and we believe individuals have a whole lot more awesomeness in the tank – development at Sportsbet is all about making sure that YOU can own and unleash it. We enable team members to get their game on with heaps of development opportunities and experiences.

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Menglai Qin 
Software Engineer 

SportsBet offers great flexibility to everyone. For guys with families like myself, we often need to juggle between work and life balance, but SportsBet is the place makes it really easy for us whenever we need to take leaves in short notice or have to shift our working hours. 


Leigh-Anne Sharland  
Technical Product Owner  

During my time at Sportsbet there has been growth on so many levels.  Personal skill growth, technical solution growth and data volume massive growth.  Every day is a new beginning and the projects and possibilities endless.  I have loved every moment. 


Luke Lynch 
Senior User Experience Designer 

Sportsbet’s focus on employee wellbeing has been unbelievable. It feels like every second week we have hampers delivered to our house or we’re given a budget to buy lunch/snacks/drinks for the afternoon. The perks we receive is unlike anything I’ve experienced at any other company. 

The Perks

At Sportsbet, we know there is plenty of value in the less tangible elements of your package. We want to make sure you feel the love in ways outside of your salary and superannuation contributions. So hang on to your hats, we’ve got great things for you to experience because we’re totally committed to offering you loads of perks that make Sportsbet a fun place to work hard and play hard. 

Paid Parental Leave

Paid Parental Leave

Don't miss those important moments with your new family. We'll cover 6 months paid parental leave for the primary carer and 2 weeks paid PLUS 1 day a week off for 3 months for the secondary carer. 

Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Leave

Supporting staff through all of life's moments is core to who we are. An extension to our parental leave offering includes 1-week long term foster leave, 5 days IVF leave, 1-week paid miscarriage leave and 12 weeks still birth leave for the primary carer and 2 weeks for the secondary carer. 

Parent and Caregiver

Parent and Caregiver

We want our families to feel supported through every stage of parenthood and caregiving. That's why we've partnered with Circle In! 

Five Weeks Annual Leave

Five Weeks Annual Leave

Who doesn't love holidays? With 5 weeks' leave you'll have no trouble recharging the batteries! 

Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexible Working Arrangements

We don't do 9-5 and definitely don't clock watch. Let us know what arrangements you need to support you and your family, and we'll work with you to make it happen. We also support study leave. 



Your health is important to us. We have free flu jabs, discounted health insurance, gym discounts and lots of initiatives throughout the year to support your health and well-being. 

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Need someone to talk to and not sure where to turn? The EAP is available to all staff AND their immediate family members for any issues and all in the strictest of confidence. 

Career Development

Career Development

At Sportsbet we value Reflect, Learn & Improve. It is key to our culture. It’s your career. Your development is what you make it, and we have a range of ways to support you



There's only one place to be on Melbourne Cup Day – the office! We love to celebrate success and our team members are always coming up with great party ideas and activities to keep us happy and cheering. 



Fancy watching the footy in the corporate box at the ‘G?! Perhaps a day at the races? Or maybe you want to be part of the show and watch the pros talk shop on the box? We've got tickets to lots of events up for grabs. 

Free Brekky

Free Brekky

Not a morning person? Don't worry about gobbling down that bowl of cereal before running for the train, we've got you covered! Get your brekky and caffeine fix from us with our stocked kitchens on every floor. 


Giving Back

TIt's not all about us. We have paid volunteer leave, matched charity donations and regular on-site bake sales. We also give practical support to charities close to our hearts leveraging our resources for their benefit. 

Career Development - We Back You

The success of Sportsbet is down to our people – our collective talent and ambition brings excitement to life for our customers and makes this an amazing place to be your best. At Sportsbet we value Reflect, Learn & Improve. It’s key to our culture. It’s your career. Your development is what you make it. Ready to up your game? Then you’ve come to the right place – be BOLD & own it!

We’re all about backing each other so, to help you get your game on, we’ve put our money where our mouth is when it comes to making our great people greater through amazing leadership, team and individual development initiatives. Sportsbet offers career experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Just ask the 30+% of Sportsbettors who’ve made the move into new roles over the past year. 

We hired you because A. you’re awesome and B. you’ve got a whole lot more awesomeness in the tank and development at Sportsbet is all about making sure YOU can own and unleash it. 

Get your game on with heaps of development opportunities and experiences. 

We got your back

Hear From Some Of Our Team


Mark Jennings 
Head of Platform - Risk & Trading 

Sportsbet delivers on our strong commitment to personal development and growth and I’ve had the opportunity to invest in my capabilities and grow as a leader during my time at Sportsbet.

I’ve been supported through a combination of great mentors, training, stretch opportunities and, most importantly, the necessary time and headspace. 


Andy Camera 
Head of Platforms - CXES 

I came through the doors at Sportsbet almost 9 years ago now as a young and fairly inexperienced iOS app developer, eager to do well but terrified of the major league I was now playing in - with some of the smartest, most talented and greatest people I’ve ever met! 
I’m a lot less young now, but through that community of big brains and all the support/guidance/camaraderie/ trust I’ve enjoyed all these years Sportsbet has enabled me to grow my career from a junior dev into that of a people leader in a cutting-edge Technology team, while making many lifelong friends along the way – there’s very few places who talk about having a culture like that and can actually back it up like Sportsbet does! 


What It’s Like Being inside a Company That Runs on Innovation

Sportsbet runs on innovation. Our company values empower us to innovate because unlike almost everywhere else I’ve worked, these values aren’t just touted by the HR department and plastered on the walls in common areas. They’re part of the Sportsbet vernacular.


Inspiring Leaders Create Inspired Careers

Sometimes leaders think they’re doing their job well by delegating tasks and making sure they’re done in time, but that’s not all there is to leadership.

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