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About Us


At Sportsbet, we love different, and we love bringing excitement to life. 

We're a flexible, progressive, open-minded, and inclusive employer. We welcome you as you are. We like to focus on what you're great at and how you're going to make our team even better. 

With state-of-the-art office spaces, regular development opportunities, games, and team activities, along with some of the smartest colleagues you'll ever meet, you'll have an awesome experience. It is full on here but we're confident that working at Sportsbet will be the most exciting chapter in your career. 


Our Culture In Our Team Members Words





Shubhangi Muralidhar 
MarTech Enablement Manager 

Sportsbet has a great family friendly culture. I have really fond memories of the first month I joined Sportsbet (Nov 2017) just after my maternity break.

The team was supportive of me as a mum of a young child and wanted to ensure I settled in comfortably. Also, love the kids Christmas party that Sportsbet organises for employees and their families.

They are so much fun. Flexible working options and a supportive culture has always provided me and my family great comfort and reassurance especially during the pandemic.





James Woolley 
Delivery Manager  

What I love most about my team is that we put our culture front and centre, built upon a foundation of core values like trust, collaboration, support, diversity of thought and autonomy to solve problems.

Laughter and smiles are just as important, too – we make sure we enjoy ourselves. 





Ella Chen 
Principal Engineer 

As a principal engineer in sportsbet, what motivated me most is that we get to see how our tech platforms evolved over time and it was amazing to see those big initiatives got done in the scale and timely manner.

Looking for change and improvement is part of our DNA, and I cannot find a place else where that embrace new technologies as much as sportsbet does. 

Our Values & What We Are About

Here at Sportsbet our values genuinely matter and they underpin our culture, how we work and are what make us unique! They are printed out on a poster and put on a wall to gather dust but rather shine through day in and day out in terms of how we engage our customers and how we interact with each other. Sometimes it is in little subtle ways and other times in more obvious gestures, but they are always in the background and in our minds underpinning everything that we do.



Customer First And Last
We're customer obsessed. Decision making starts and ends with the customer 



Our Fun Their Fun
The more fun we have within Sportsbet, the more fun and excitement we'll create for our customers


Play 3D
We recognise that our business isn't one dimensional
We understand the wider context and the need to make trade-offs


Be Bold
Having considered the wider context - we are decisive, action orientated and impactful
We're irrepressible in our quest to innovate and exhilarated by the opportunity to drive big priorities
We are empowered to be bold in big and small ways, everyday - prioritising for impact


Reflect, Learn And Improve
We try to understand if something worked - not prove that it did. This way, we get better


Got Your Back
When things get bumpy, we show genuine care for each other at work and in life
Everyone is welcome, everyone is important, everyone is included
We are all in - one team


Customer First And Last
We're customer obsessed. Decision making starts and ends with the customer 

Our Purpose


Sportsbet's purpose is to bring excitement to life for its customers and we do this by overdelivering on excitement through serious fun, disrupting the status quo and living our values. From the moment you walk in the door you'll see that fun is at the heart of the way we work. We're constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging ourselves and those around us. We're genuinely passionate as we share in and celebrate each other's successes! 
We’re customer obsessed. Decision making starts and ends with the customer. We put our customers at the centre of every decision. We prioritise things that matter most to our customers and we measure success based on what our customers do and say. 


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Our Commitment To Safer Gambling

Keeping our customers safe and in control;  safer gambling is a key commitment at Sportsbet.

Sportsbet has been a leader in establishing responsible gambling initiatives and tools to protect its customers and the wider community. It has supported restrictions on advertising to mitigate the risk of advertising indirectly to minors (such as restrictions on television advertising prior to 8PM), and in 2017 played a key role in establishing the independent peak body representing online wagering, Responsible Wagering Australia. 
In 2015, Sportsbet launched the responsible gambling tool, Take a Break, the industry's first self-service product, that allows customers to step away from using the Sportsbet product either temporarily or permanently. 
Sportsbet was also an early adopter of providing the option of Deposit Limits - allowing a customer to set a personal deposit limit in order to maintain control and limitation. Deposit limits can be set for a 24 hour, weekly or 28-day period. 
Sportsbet's commitment to responsible gambling is genuine and demonstrated through the wide range of initiatives and tools we offer that go over and above industry requirements.  
Everyone at Sportsbet has a role to play in bringing our commitment to Responsible Gambling to life. Check out the tools and information we provide our customers to help manage their gambling on our dedicated site at:  Safer Gambling


What We Do

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Sportsbet is a leading Australian digital e-commerce business in the online wagering sector bringing excitement to our over 1.2 million Australian customers.  
We are passionate about being an iconic Aussie brand that’ll bring excitement to life for generations to come. We over-deliver on excitement by being fun, fair, and fast! Sportsbet offers a variety of wagering options on a wide range of Australian and international racing and sporting events. We also offer novelty markets, entertaining bet types and stacks of promotions constantly to provide our members with entertainment. 
We're part of the Flutter Entertainment group, over 13,000 clever and curious people make us a global player. In Australia we're tight knit group of just over 1,000 team members bringing excitement to life every day, in three offices Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin. 

Innovation Is In Our DNA – Learn More About How We Innovate

Working with the latest in digital technologies to solve complex problems for our customers, we invest heavily in ensuring that working with and using our products is always safe, rewarding and fun. 
We are in the business of knowing what our customers want, developing the right products and delivering them to market. Getting to #1 in the App Store is no mean feat! The Tech & Product teams constantly innovate and develop ways to make our products faster, more reliable, and more attractive to our customers at the front end, whilst ensuring that everything is kept running smoothly in the background. Imagine dealing with 25k hits per second and knowing your app can stand up to the rigour! 
Sportsbet is continually evolving and striving to improve how we communicate with our customers.  
We're leading the way in the CRM space as we make the customer journey more personal and engaging. Our marketers are renowned for their audacious stunts, award winning campaigns and for continuously pushing the boundaries of digital marketing as we look for ever more relevant and exciting ways to bring our brand to life. 


Key to this evolution is the concept of continuous delivery, which is something that we at Sportsbet are incredibly passionate about.

Benefits of Continuous Delivery


As a Delivery Manager at Sportsbet, not two days are the same.

Combine Design and Sport


Sportsbet runs on innovation. Our company values empower us to innovate.

Running on Innovation