From Tech Consultant to Sportsbet: The Best Decision I’ve Made

An article by Shubhangi Muralidhar 

Prior to joining Sportsbet, I had been working as a tech consultant with varied global service providers for ten years. Consulting provided me with a breadth of skills and travel opportunities, but I always wondered about the wider details of how my clients actually operated in their industries.

As consultants, we are engaged in specific projects but those are really just a small percentage of what the client team does. I wanted to understand how a business tackles customer problems and converts them into opportunities and wins and I felt that I would be able to do that if I were immersed in one business. This desire pushed me to look for a change, and that’s how I ultimately ended up at Sportsbet.

I’ve been here for five years now and I can say that both the culture and work I found so appealing to begin with have remained so.

Always levelling up

Any career, especially in tech, is always a work in progress and thanks to the opportunities and support at Sportsbet, I’ve been able to continuously strengthen my skills and keep developing a career I love.

There are a plethora of learning opportunities at Sportsbet and I’ve taken full advantage of that. Aside from formal training, Sportsbet Tech has its own online learning platform where you can upskill yourself in whatever area you’re interested in. There are also many formal and informal settings that allow you to network and learn from your peers. It’s a great company to develop in as you can always find new challenges and new ways to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone if you want to.

Today, if I were to pick three key factors that have helped me move forward in my career they would be my skill in stakeholder management and communication, my understanding of company strategy and my domain industry knowledge. Most importantly, I’ve been able to work on projects that involve cross-functional teams, which has given me a wide range of experience across different stakeholder groups. I also took on secondments which were a great value-add to my career.

I think that performing consistently well and gaining the trust of stakeholders I work with has helped me, but I also believe it’s very important not to rest on your laurels. I continue to ask for feedback from people and work on actioning it. To me, it’s a cycle: you keep on crunching away and learning and sharing, not just within your team but also to teams and stakeholders outside of your regular zone.

A culture that’s second to none

Joining Sportsbet was an excellent choice for me. It came about after I’d chanced upon a video on LinkedIn in which Cormac Barry spoke about the company and its culture, and it was so powerful that it left me curious. I found out more with a bit of research and started applying for roles. What attracted me to it more than anything was its culture and I can still vouch that it is the most awesome thing about Sportsbet!

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