Here’s Why I’m Loving My Job At Sportsbet 

Ivan Sastre - Delivery Manager

As a Delivery Manager at Sportsbet, no two days are the same. I have a broad range of responsibilities, starting with leading and supporting my team and making sure they’re working in a fun and productive environment. We focus a lot on driving people’s careers forward, so part of my role includes giving my team members the right opportunities to keep growing and learning.  
Another integral part of my role is the delivery of products and features. We release new products frequently and as Delivery Manager, I am the connection between my team and the other stakeholders involved. This means I am constantly liaising with anyone from vendors, to people in other teams or departments here at Sportsbet. I am also always trying to improve our ways of working so we can become more lean in our agile delivery.  
I’ve been with the company for almost two years and worked on some great projects. During this time, we’ve developed some exciting new products. The one I’m most proud of is Sky Racing. At the beginning of the pandemic when we started to work from home, my team was asked to deliver Sky Racing: a new streaming product that would enable customers to watch live racing on our platform.  
It was such a challenging time for everyone around the world and for us as a team, and I think we did an amazing job standing together, supporting each other, and delivering a great product which our customers love. All while learning how to work together, remotely. 
Our tech stack is great too 
My team’s largely been involved in the front-end platforms space, but we’ve recently built a full stack capability which enables end-to-end delivery for some of the new features. This has been a great journey for the team and me personally because that’s one of the engineering areas I’m really passionate about. Leading them in those capabilities has been a great experience and I’ve really enjoyed it. 
For an engineer, the tech landscape we have is really exciting. We have a really cool technology stack. We have everything in AWS and use modern technologies like React, containers, serverless frameworks, etc. We have also recently started using event streaming platforms like Kafka.  
I’m not that close to the data space myself, but there is a lot of stuff going on around AI and machine learning at Sportsbet, that any engineer would be excited to use.  
I’ve been lucky enough to work in many different countries and companies around the world and I haven’t seen a culture like Sportsbet’s anywhere else. One of our values is “Our fun, their fun”, so we make sure that even when we have to work hard, we are doing it whilst incorporating a good time. Just imagine, team based social events, dodgeball tournaments in the office and epic Christmas parties. This coupled with a general sense of fun and banter makes for a work environment where everyone is empowered to be themselves.  
It’s also really exciting when I see an ad on TV about products my team has built! People all over Australia are using and loving what we’ve done. I find that very rewarding.