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The Draft

We are now drafting for Sportsbet's newest Technology and Data early careers program

The Draft is our newest program to bring together people who are ready to do what they do best: work hard and play hard. We know there are plenty of tech programs out there that are pulling at your (virtual) sleeve to come work with them – and we think you’re worth all that nudging! If you’ve read up until this point, take a looksee at why we’re the most exciting place to work at this point in your career!

Bring Excitement To (your) Life!

We love different

Whether you're a recent uni grad or have had a red hot go at the working world, we're looking to draft teammates who have an innate power to see the state of play and do things differently. You're ambitious. You're curious. You see challenges and you're not afraid to take them head-on.

Developing Australia’s most progressive data and tech capability is critical to our long-term strategy of delivering excitement for our customers.

The first cohort of players on The Draft will be placed across our data engineering, data science, commercial analytics and software engineering teams and will have immense opportunity to build their data and tech skills, get mentored by leaders across the business and build a career.

There will be four permanent role types available as part of The Draft: 

  • Junior Data Scientist - 2 roles available
  • Junior Data Engineer - 2 roles available
  • Junior Software Engineer - 3 roles available
  • Junior Insights Analyst - 3 roles available


The Playing Field

What's in it for you?

Have Fun While You Work

Sportsbet's purpose is to bring excitement to life for its customers and we do this by overdelivering on excitement through serious fun, disrupting the status quo and living our values. From the moment you walk in the door you'll see that fun is at the heart of the way we work. We're constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging ourselves and those around us. We're genuinely passionate as we share in and celebrate each other's successes! 

Challenge Yourself

Working with the latest in digital technologies to solve complex problems for our customers, we invest heavily in ensuring that working with and using our products is always safe, rewarding and fun. 

We are in the business of knowing what our customers want, developing the right products and delivering them to market. Getting to #1 in the App Store is no mean feat! The Tech & Product teams constantly innovate and develop ways to make our products faster, more reliable, and more attractive to our customers at the front end, whilst ensuring that everything is kept running smoothly in the background. Imagine dealing with 25k hits per second and knowing your app can stand up to the rigour! 

Develop Your Career

With direct access to people leaders, business mentors, cohort buddies and program coordinators - your professional growth is our focus. Not to mention, you'll have 24/7 access to our online learning portal, "Game On", and regular performance reviews in our "Smash it for 6" platform.

Getting Ready for Game Day

Key Recruitment Dates: 

  • Applications for the 2022 cohort of The Draft are open from Friday April 8th 2022 until Friday April 22nd. You'll be asked to submit your CV, answer a question or two about why you're keen to join The Draft, and some basic contact information.
  • Assessment: Week commencing April 18th - Our Talent Team review each application on a rolling basis, so we'll be in touch to invite you to an online video assessment. We'll ask you two questions about how your previous experiences relate to our values.
  • Far Side Phone Chat: Week commencing April 25th - Our Talent Team will be in touch to have a bit of a chin wag about your early experience in the technical space (role type) that you are playing in and also to ask a question or two around your learning agility. This is also a great opportunity to answer any early questions that you may have. It is just as much about us getting to know you as vice versa.
  • Agility Testing: Sounds fancy, because it is. This is where we get to know more about how your brain works and your learning agility ... so, there's no wrong answers!
  • Interviews: Week commencing April 25th - This is your time to shine and meet the team in our new Melbourne CBD offices (in-person and virtually)... kombucha on tap!
  • Draft Picks: Week commencing May 16th - We'll get in touch to let you know if you've been Drafted!
  • Join the Team: Late May - The Draft program induction begins!



So, you've been drafted. What happens next?

Welcome! Your first week (month, year... all of it...) is going to be jam packed with goodness:

  • An onboarding experience​ to learn about the program, your team and the wider Sportsbet family
  • Culture Camp, our Sportsbet onboarding program
  • Begin setting your development and career goals
  • Fun offsite activity

Sportsbet values all of what makes you you. Should you require an adjustment to the recruitment process, please get in touch with us for a confidential conversation: 

Timing is everything

Time to Connect

There are plenty of opportunities to connect with your team members across the Sportsbet family to share reflections and have some fun.​

Time to Learn

When last did you get the chance to carve out dedicated time to sharpen your craft? Focus on building the necessary technical and behavioral skills to set you up for success.

Time to Plan

Goooal! No, not that kind of goal. Set key milestones with your people leader to make sure you're settling in, progressing and delighting our customers.

Time to Reflect, Learn and Improve

Have the opportunity to share your work with fellow teammates and leadership, receive feedback and continue learning along the way.

The Sportsbet Culture

Here at Sportsbet our values genuinely matter and they underpin our culture, how we work and are what make us unique! They are printed out on a poster and put on a wall to gather dust but rather shine through day in and day out in terms of how we engage our customers and how we interact with each other. Sometimes it is in little subtle ways and other times in more obvious gestures, but they are always in the background and in our minds underpinning everything that we do.


Customer First And Last

We're customer obsessed. Decision making starts and ends with the customer 


Our Fun Their Fun

The more fun we have within Sportsbet, the more fun and excitement we'll create for our customers


Play 3D

We recognise that our business isn't one dimensional
We understand the wider context and the need to make trade-offs


Be Bold

Having considered the wider context - we are decisive, action orientated and impactful
We're irrepressible in our quest to innovate and exhilarated by the opportunity to drive big priorities
We are empowered to be bold in big and small ways, everyday - prioritising for impact


Reflect, Learn And Improve

We try to understand if something worked - not prove that it did. This way, we get better


Got Your Back

When things get bumpy, we show genuine care for each other at work and in life
Everyone is welcome, everyone is important, everyone is included
We are all in - one team


Customer First And Last

We're customer obsessed. Decision making starts and ends with the customer 

The Perks


Flexible Working Arrangements

We don't do 9-5 and don’t clock watch. Let us know what arrangements you need to support you and your family, and we'll work with you to make it happen. We also support study leave. 



5 Weeks Leave

Who doesn't love holidays? With 5 weeks' leave you'll have no trouble recharging the batteries! 



Paid Parental Leave

Don't miss those important moments with your new family. We'll cover 6 months paid parental leave for the primary carer and 2 weeks paid PLUS 1 day a week off for 3 months for the secondary carer. 


SB Hack

If you've a great idea this is the place for it! A hackathon open to the whole company. You can down tools and work on something that inspires and excites you (apart from your day job!) and adds value to our customers or challenges the way we think about our products. 


Career Development 

We're all about backing each other so, to help you get your game on, we've put our money where our mouth is when it comes to making our great people greater through amazing leadership, team, and individual development initiatives. Sportsbet offers career experiences you won't find anywhere else. 



There's only one place to be on Melbourne Cup Day – the office! We love to celebrate success and our team members are always coming up with great party ideas and activities to keep us happy and cheering. 

Join a Global Brand

Sportsbet is the Australian entertainment arm of the Flutter Group. Flutter is the holding company for some of the world’s largest and most popular sports betting and gaming brands. We offer millions of customers from all over the world the most innovative and exciting experiences in our industry, as well as ongoing support and cutting-edge tools to help them play in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Although we have the scale of a leader, our challenger mindset is what allows us to constantly explore new spaces, markets and opportunities to engage and entertain our customers.

The Line Up: Meet the Data & Tech Teams

The people at Sportsbet are a talented, curious, fun and passionate group. We always say we want our employees to enjoy themselves at work, and while keeping things light–hearted and celebrating milestones and moments that matter is part of that, it’s just as important that everyone feels valued for their contributions – which we make sure of. Our tech team is a great example of the friendly, hard–working company spirit we’re proud of. We wanted to hear more about what’s so good about daily life at Sportsbet straight from the horse’s mouths (so to speak), so we asked some of our techies to share their thoughts. Here’s what they had to say!


A Day in the Life of Our Tech Team

Our tech stack grows constantly as we innovate, reimagine, ramp up and deliver on bigger and better experiences for our customers. We’ve always got our eyes on the future.

Learn more


Data Leadership at Sportsbet

In a world that often values “managers” more than “leaders”, Sportsbet is fostering teams where every member gets the chance to work with great leaders and be a great leader themselves, no matter their role.

Learn more


Challenging The Status Quo

A Tech Team That Supports Me to Challenge the Status Quo


A Great Time to Join the Data Science Team

Our innovations begin with the Data Science team. After all, we’re a data-driven business that lives to explore the possibilities of technology.


The Slack Channels That Reflect Our Culture

With one of our organisational values being ‘Our Fun, Their Fun’ — we do a pretty good job of bringing it to life.


How Our Technology Team Are Innovating


Innovation In the Information Age

At Sportsbet I get a perfect mix of consistency and variety. There are days spent on exciting one-off projects, and there are days of ‘business as usual.


Data Science Team With Standout Projects

We live to innovate at Sportsbet and that is especially true in our Data Science team!


A Slice of How Agile Works

In our Customer Experience Division, we recognise that no two teams are the same. We’re open minded with how Agile teams operate.

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